Healing the Wounds of Womanhood with Jan Luther, EFT Founding Master
Healing the Wounds of Womanhood with Jan Luther, EFT Founding Master

Let go of all the emotional pain, anger and self-blame.

Finally, fearlessly and naturally, love, accept, BE and share all of you.

Your unique wisdom.
Your amazing intuition.
Your beauty.
And your love.

Release, at last, all of those things that trigger your over-eating, silent fuming and even the misplaced self-loathing.

Let it all…GO!

Time For Change

I believe with all my heart that the time has come for us to change the way we speak about and resolve our emotional pain.

I know that we come into this life for the experiences. Our souls know that this is a world of contrast – positive and negative, joy and sadness, grief and pleasure. The challenge is that we’ve been conditioned to believe there’s something virtuous to gain from wallowing in our woundedness. Some who have gone before us have given in and given up when things didn’t go their way or they didn’t get exactly what they wanted.

In the past, women have allowed bitterness. All because they were ill-equipped to process the deep dark emotions that go along with trauma and grief.

That’s why I’ve created

Healing the Wounds of Womanhood

Healing the Wounds of Womanhood Mission

The Healing the Wounds of Womanhood retreat was created so that you can – in 4 days (24 hours!!):

  • Complete the grieving process on as many of your painful past experiences as possible.
  • Reduce or erase the unconscious drivers of your stress, anxiety, depression and disease.
  • Increase your self-confidence, clarity, purpose and enthusiasm for life so that you can:
    1 – Save and restore your marriage and other love relationships.

    2 – Grow and prosper in your mission, Motherhood roles, business and career.
    3 – Stand tall, brave and Resilient, knowing that you have the wisdom, tools, experience and resources to land on your feet whenever the storms of life threaten to knock you down.
You're a right fit for Healing the Wounds of Womanhood if...
  • You’re a woman, 30 years of age or older.
  • You’ve taken the Grief Inventory and Stress Assessment (GISA) and have a total of ten (10) incidents or more with five (5) or more of those incidents having a SUDs level of three (3) or higher.(We’re currently updating the GISA in preparation for our next class and if you’re on our mailing list, we’ll let you know when it’s ready and how you can take the assessment.)
  • Your memories are from a minimum of two years past and the incidents are “over” (meaning they happened and the situation has ended).
  • You clearly recognize that time alone does nothing to heal these challenges and, if left unaddressed, they’ll fester and seep into every area of your life.

Let’s face it, life hurts.
NOT one of us is exempt from the pain and trauma of life.

Sometime in the past, something happened. Maybe someone you loved with all of your heart, died.

Or someone said or did something that hurt you deeply. Something that broke your tender heart.

And not just one thing. Not just one person. Multiple people and many times you’ve experienced disappointment, trauma, loss and life-altering, mind-boggling, anxiety-inducing…change.

All of that pain impacts every part of your life. It affects your confidence, leaving you feeling unsure of yourself and insecure in the world. It affects your faith; your generosity. Even your ability to give and receive unconditional love.

Maybe you’ve become overly cautious, guarded and maybe even defensive in your desperation to feel like you’re safe in the sometimes chaotic and unpredictable world.

Perhaps you’re easily overwhelmed and often emotionally triggered. Exhausted, frustrated. And yet you KNOW there has to be another way.

You yearn for more.  For more love and joy in your relationships.

More peace and ease in your day-to-day life.

More places and people that you feel GOOD about and good with. Places and people where you can be you. ALL of you, without fear, false pretense or playing games.

The challenge, Dear One, is that only you can do the work that will set you free!

Have you had enough of all the suffering and settling? Enough anxiety and worry and overthinking. All. The. Time?!

Are you fed up enough to make the commitment to unpack all of your emotional baggage and let it all go; even if no one ever apologizes, gets punished or pays the price for how badly they’ve hurt you?

If you let it all go, then what?

What might be possible for you?

If you could – in a matter of HOURS, liberate yourself from a lifetime of:

  • Disappointments: #BrokenHeart #Abuse #FeelingInvisible
  • Trauma: #MeToo
  • Grief: #DeathOfLovedOnes
  • And Shame: #Rejected #Accused #Belittled #Bullied #SeenNotHeard

How would you FEEL?

What new thoughts would you THINK?

How would you BEhave?

Can you sense the impact this will have on how you’re living, loving and Being in this world?

Tools, Love and Coaching from Healing the Wounds of Womanhood

You’ll receive and learn to use these three (3) life-changing Tools:

Tool #1: The Resiliency Course© Grief Inventory and Stress Assessment: Your map

Tool #2: The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping and the fill-in-the-blank template: Your machine. Beyond emotional freedom and focused on your Soul connection and co-creation with Spirit. This tapping and the simple fill-in-the-blank template are gold! You’ll know exactly what to say and how to tap, healing layers and layers of hurt, pain and grief!

Tool #3: The 5 Aspects of Grief©: Your Key to Grief Healing. Finally, a simple step-by-step plan that’s easy to remember, makes perfect sense and ensures you address all the key aspects associated with grieving!

Buckets and bushels of Unconditional Love:

In every conversation, you’ll feel respected, energetically held, understood, encouraged and coached to help you heal your heart, change your mindset and lift your energy and mood.

You’ll have multiple opportunities to be the undivided center of Jan’s attention. As the student-teacher, you’ll receive personalized tapping, coaching and she’ll share personal messages for you directly from Spirit.

You’ll be soothed and healed with guided meditations, prayers and Divine Love Transmissions. You’ll be healing at the Soul level.

You’ll feel connected to and share in a community with a select few like-minded, heart-centered, delightful women.

Masterful Coaching:

A Master Tapping Practitioner

Gifted at reasoning and reframing

Laser focused NLP and mind pattern shifting

Intuitive Empath, often knows what you’re feeling before you have the words

Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner, Heal ancestral Past Life karmic patterns if and when they show up!

An authority who has personally overcome depression, grief of many losses including her 22-year old son. Jan has been right where you are and can honestly, unflinchingly tell you she has finished the job of grieving AND lives with joyful appreciation for the time and treasured memories of all her past relationships and experiences which she will keep for all of eternity!

What can we help you heal?

Past topics have included…

  • Mother wounds
  • Father wounds
  • Sibling Rivalries and trauma
  • Sister Wounds (Including unrelated women throughout life)
  • Rotten Love relationships
  • Feeling Silenced, misunderstood or falsely accused
  • Treated like a sexual object
  • Death and loss… spouse, child (abortion, miscarriage, infertility), loved one or pet
  • Made to feel like you’re someone’s property
  • Discrimination and Inequality because of your gender
You're not a right fit for Healing the Wounds of Womanhood if...
  • You have experienced a severely brutal physical attack. (This may mean Rape, cult membership or ritual abuse, etc.)
  • You’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression, bipolar or other mental illness.
  • You’re interested or invested in sharing political rants for or against ANYONE—(This type of conversation will NOT be allowed and I’ll shut them down and you will not get a refund!)
  • You have a strong belief that presents itself in gender bashing (all men are pigs, evil or not to be trusted, etc.)
  • You have a history of or passion for attacking others based upon race, religion, sexual preferences or spiritual practices. (Or you know…attacking, shaming others in any way!)
  • You truly believe you can NEVER heal from these experiences. Have a habit of speaking that you will grieve and suffer “every day for the rest of my life.”
  • You’re NOT open to receiving personal and group Divinely Inspired spiritual insights or messages.

IF none of these situations above describe you…we will welcome you with open arms.

What is a lifetime of healing and emotional liberation worth to you?

What is it costing you NOT to complete this?

How much of your life are you missing out on?

How is your grief and sadness, your trauma and fear affecting how you show up for yourself?

How is it holding you back in your life purpose and passion?

What are you modeling for your family, children, partner or spouse?

What might be possible for you?

I began the course with 32 grief events – 27 of them had a SUD level of 7 or higher.

By the time we said our goodbyes, most of them had zeroed out and not one of the remaining topics registered higher than a 1 or 2.

When Jan invited me to join The Resiliency Course, honestly, it sounded too good to be true.  How could so many issues be healed in just six sessions?  But I said YES – because even if we accomplished just half of what was targeted, I knew it would be worth it.

I was coming through a divorce, healing from an abusive relationship, trying to restart my career – all while struggling to keep everything together for my two teenaged children.  I was carrying a load of self-defeating beliefs rooted in past trauma.  These beliefs had me feeling broken down and damaged.  Slowly, week-by-week, I could feel this load grow lighter.  My thoughts shifted and my inner critic quieted down.  And I was not alone.  The other members of my TRC group were experiencing similar shifts in their lives.  We all cheered each other’s healings and fed off each other’s breakthroughs.

By the time we got to the end, I’d say we accomplished DOUBLE what we targeted . . if not more.  It was truly mind-blowing for me, as well as the other members of the group.  Time expanded when we were together, and the shared benefits multiplied.  The secret was the weekly schedule.  Getting into a routine like that where every Monday we accessed – without fail – that source of healing power . . . that did wonders to strengthen our faith in the process.  By the time we reached our last session, we were all positively joyful and in awe of how far we had come together.

Mom in Connecticut

(Name withheld for family privacy)

(This was an EFT training so imagine what will happen when we focus specifically on healing your trauma, grief and pain!!)

It was a game changer for my life – LITERALLY! It feels like we hit a reset button on my life.

I came home a different person.  I have since then been on a different plane.  I feel so high, I’m so elevated, I’m so lifted.  I experienced some things that I have never experienced or seen before.  I was with some remarkable women who were like minded . . . and we all gelled, we were all open, we were all free to receive and to learn and just gather and be there for each other.

I detoxed so much negative energy, so much unwelcome thoughts and feelings and even cravings from sour cream donuts.   (I’ve not been back for a donut since then and even now when I think about it my mouth feels greasy!)

I was told after my training that I sounded vertical.  When I asked what does that mean he said, you know, you sound very lifted today is a really good day for you.  and YES I am vibrating very highly

That following Sunday I went to my church, I have been there for months and I was unrecognizable.  People were saying are you new? Did you just join? And another lady who did recognize me said “you look extra vibrant today. As if you’re very happy and you feel good.” and I was—I DO!

I didn’t look the same because I wasn’t the same, I don’t feel the same, I don’t act the same and I think I don’t even talk the same!  I am still Kelly!  I am just Kelly renewed I call this time the awakening of Kelly Buffaloe Taylor.

Kelly Buffaloe Taylor

When I first started this course, I had 15+ incidents from the Grief Inventory and Stress Assessment and my SUDs numbers were high (10 incidents had a SUDs number higher than three) in the following areas: Death, Relationship Pain & Abuse and Crisis: Self or Loved One.

Over the course of this event, all of these categories were either zeroed out or at least down to a 1 or 2.

During one of our sessions on death, my friend who had been murdered came in and let me know she was okay and that she lived a great life. It was such an awesome experience.

One of my greatest accomplishments through this course was learning how to authentically love myself and trust my own intuition. I love to dance, but because I had a lot of responsibility and – through various relationships I had been in – we never went dancing; kind of made me feel like maybe I can’t dance or that they are embarrassed by me. A few weeks ago, I went dancing and I forgot about all of the negativity I had once felt about my ability to dance. It was amazing! I felt like I was 16 again (somewhere I am Instagram famous :-)).

If I had not taken this course and peeled back the layers of the onion, I may be in a totally different place. I am forever grateful for the time spent tapping on my issues.

Tomeka Davis

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